TomTom launches navigation app for Parrot devices

~ World-class TomTom navigation now available in the Parrot ASTEROID store ~

Amsterdam, 6 June 2013 –TomTom today introduces a new navigation app for Parrot customers, which is available to download from the Parrot ASTEROID market. Drivers with the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet and Parrot ASTEROID Smart devices can now benefit from world-class TomTom navigation with clear voice instructions via their car stereo.

“TomTom is known for creating quality navigation solutions that are easy to use” says Gerry Hinds, VP Mobile at TomTom. “Parrot customers can now experience the best navigation available direct via their ASTEROID Tablet and Smart devices. We have customised our Android Navigation app so that it integrates seamlessly with Parrot’s premium ASTEROID devices.”

The TomTom Navigation app is designed to make driving quicker, easier and stress-free on Parrot’s large, semi-fitted capacitive display. Unlike other apps, the TomTom app uses on-board maps, which are always accessible even without a network connection and incur no additional roaming charges when travelling abroad.

This app includes TomTom IQ Routes which gives drivers the fastest routes and the most accurate arrival times. With Advanced Lane Guidance, drivers can clearly see which lane to take at difficult junctions. Also, the app will read out street names via the direct connection to the car speakers, making navigation even simpler. Finally, the hands free calling capabilities make it the perfect travel companions for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road.

Pricing and Availability

The TomTom Navigation app for ASTEROID is available to buy now from the Parrot ASTEROID market, priced at €49.99.

The app is compatible with the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet and Parrot ASTEROID Smart.

Notes for editors

Features of the TomTom Navigation app for ASTEROID include:

  • TomTom Offline Map

Offline maps are stored on the driver’s ASTEROID device – so drivers don’t need a data signal, or roaming – to stay on the right path. Drivers can plan a new route, re-route if they miss a turn, or search for points of interest.

  • IQ Routes

The world’s biggest database of real travel times is built into every TomTom app. This way, drivers will get the fastest routes and most accurate arrival times.

  • Multitasking Capability

Drivers can take calls safely via hands free. The TomTom app will continue to give visual instructions, but mutes the voice while drivers are on the phone – so they won’t be interrupted while talking. Or drivers can choose to receive voice instructions, with the TomTom app running in the background.

  • Eco Routes

Driving with Eco Routes fuel-efficient routes saves money as well as reducing the driver’s impact on the environment.

  • Multi-Stop Routes

If drivers have multiple drop-offs or pickups in mind they can plan them all into one route, and know their final ETA. While driving, the TomTom app will keep the driver up-to-date on changes to their arrival time, depending on how long their stops take.

  • Clear Voice Instructions

Voice instructions with Spoken Street Names let drivers know when they need to turn, change lanes, or take an exit – well in advance.

  • Text-to-speech functionality

Helping drivers to keep their eyes on the road, spoken instructions include street names, to make turnings even clearer.

  • Automatic Music Fading

The app gently reduces the music volume when giving driving instructions, then turns the volume back up when it’s done. The feature works on most third party music apps.

  • Millions of Offline POIs

The offline map has Points of Interest ranging from petrol stations to hotels, so drivers are sure to find what they want – no data connection required.

  • TomTom Places

Helps drivers to find anything from a local petrol station to a supermarket, wherever they are.

  • Advanced Lane Guidance

Clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so drivers don’t miss their turning. On difficult highway intersections, realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps drivers relaxed and safe.

  • Navigate to Contacts

Drivers can pair their phone via Bluetooth with their Parrot radio. Then, the can select someone from their contacts list and the TomTom app will plan the route so they can drive straight there.

  • Optimal View

Optimal View ensures drivers see, and navigate, better: first, drivers choose the map colours they prefer. Then they select between 2D or 3D navigation. When driving by night, the screen’s brightness will automatically dim, so drivers can keep their eyes better focused on the road.

  • Car Symbols

Drivers can replace the icon on their TomTom app with a hot rod that suits them better.